U.S. Coast Guard
Academy Introduction Mission
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Annually, approximately 220 high school candidates are selected nationally for the opportunity to experience cadet life at the United States Coast Guard Academy for one week.  The application deadline is 31 March for high school students in the spring of their junior year.

The application package is submitted to the US Coast Guard Academy.  Candidates needing assistance should contact the Commander of Flotilla 38.  The candidates are rated numerically by an Auxiliary scoring system based on a combination of an interview, board score, high school PSAT or PLAN test scores and a high school transcript.  Ideally, candidates are well-rounded students involved in various school activities, athletics and community service.  The number of AIM (Academy Introduction Mission) candidates for a geographic area is based on the number of Auxiliary divisions in each district or region.  Candidates normally come from the upper twenty-five percent of high school junior classes.
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DAY 1: Check In. Opening Session. Welcome by the Director of Admissions. Opening Social.

DAY 2: Academy Tour. Sailing. Military Training. Address by the Dean of Academics and Commandant of Cadets. Interplatoon Athletics. Mock Inspection.

Day 3: Overview of Four Academic Majors. Marine and Environmental Science Classes. Drill Practice. Interplatoon Athletics. Cookout.

DAY 4: Overview of Eight Academic Majors. Engineering Classes. Physical Fitness Capabilities. Exam Spirit Hour. Dance. 

DAY 5: Obstacle Course. Sailing. Coast Guard Cutter and Helicopter Tour. Final Indoctrination. Interplatoon. Athletics. Preparation for Inspection.

DAY 6: Inspection Competition. Coast Guard Helicopter Tour. Grand Finale. Picnic. Graduation.