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Training on vessels at USCG Station Merrimack River
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NAUTICAL CHART VIEWER; on the US Government NOAA site
The "eTesting" Center is available at: http://ntc.cgaux.org
Flotilla 38 members involved in the week long support mission.
Nor'easter First District Nothern news magazine

Oct-Dec 2017 Nor'easter
Jul-Sept 2017 Nor'easter
Apr- Jun 2017 Nor'easter
The latest edition of Navigator the Auxiliary's national newsletter.
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Brian Welsh
Flotilla Commander
(at right in photo)

Larry Carnevale
Flotilla Vice Commander
(at left in photo)
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Newburyport officially designated a COAST GUARD CITY by US Congress in 2012
Potential Hazard to Navigation at Plum Island South Jetty

Work is finished on the south jetty at Plum Island, but local officials are concerned about a potential problem that could lead to a dangerous situation for boaters.

Over the years, older damaged stone blocks have fallen into the waters surrounding the far end of the newly rebuilt jetty.  These can be seen in the photo at left.

This stone debris is not visible at high tide and could therefore be hazardous to vessel operators not familiar with the area.

Photo courtesy of Ron Barrett
Check out a photo essay that documents the work on the jetty, it also provides some great aerial views that our members in operations will appreciate.
Check out an incredible photo essay provided by Brian Welsh, Flotilla Commander 38.  The aerial photos were taken by Brian during two AUXAIR missions he flew in October and November of 2016 from the Merrimack River to Cape Ann.

Go to AUXAIR Mission
1930 (7:30 pm) Thursdays at the Plum Island Boat House

3 May 2018
7June 2018
Uniform: Tropical Blue, ODU, or appropriate civilian attire
Flotilla 38 Member Crews at Helo-OPS Support Mission in 5th USCG District / North Carolina
Flotilla 38 member Scott Crocker and his wife Leslie recently paid a visit to a former Flotilla 38 member in North Carolina.  They spent time with Charlie Pencinger and his wife Lois.  During the visit, Scott had the opportunity to crew with Charlie and members of his new flotilla on an Auxiliary mission. 

With his move south, Charlie transferred to Flotilla 16-01 located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  Flotilla 16-01 is in the 5th District, Southern Region, Division 16 and meets at the Elizabeth City Regional Airport.  Nearby is USCG Air Station Elizabeth City.  Division 16 is responsible for the Albemarle Sound and Outer Banks areas.  The usual area of operational responsibility for Flotilla 16-01 includes the Pasquotank River, Little River, Perquimans River and that portion of the Albemarle Sound adjoining them.  Between Albemarle Sound and the Atlantic is Kittyhawk and Kill Devil Hills where the Wright Brothers made aviation history.

CLICK HERE for more details and photos.
Photo Essay by Scott Crocker

The September flotilla meeting was attended by 17 Auxiliarists for a meet and greet with USCG BMCS Patrick Brown, the new Officer-in-Charge at Station Merrimack River.  Senior Chief Brown gave us a little info about his path through the Coast Guard and the awesome privilege and responsibility of being in a command position. He also expressed his appreciation for the mission and efforts of the Auxiliary, and his expectations going forward. He summed it up as follows, "keep doing what you are doing.".

That's right!  At the September flotilla meeting there was enough ice cream to make everyone happy.  We'd like to thank HARBOR CREAMERY, the newest addition to Pleasant Street in downtown Newburyport, for their generous support providing the ice cream.
I recently visited Merri-Lee Steeves, the owner of Harbor Creamery, to arrange for the ice cream for our event. She was thrilled to tell me that she has a warm place in her heart for our flotilla, because her dad, Walter J. Lesynski, Sr. was the longest serving member of Flotilla 38!  Indeed, he brought COMO Ron Booth and many other members into the flotilla.  Thanks to Harbor Creamery for their generous donation to help make our night SWEET.
Comment from Rich Rubino, Flotilla 38
Merri-Lee recounts a story about her dad
My dad's name was Walter J. Lesynski Sr. and was known to everyone as Wally. He was recognized for 60 years of continued membership in Flotilla 38.  He taught the Boating Skills and Seamanship class for more years than I can count.  My mom was also a member of the flotilla right up until her death in 1998.   They would both be so pleased that you arrived at my door and that our ice cream will be at one of your meetings.  As a child, I remember all the times our mom and dad would head out to the Auxiliary meetings or the times when they would take my brother Jay and I along to Auxiliary family events. I also remember him going on weekend volunteer patrols up and down the Merrimac.  There are so many wonderful memories with my parents and their connection to Flotilla 38 and its members.
(Photo at right)
Wally Lesynski helps students master the bowline knot during the marlinspike session of a Boating Skills and Seamanship class.  The photo was taken sometime in the mid-1990s at the Newburyport Middle School. 
(Photo below)
Wally's official operational Auxiliary Facility that went on patrol was a 38-foot cruiser the Sea Princess, which he built from the keel up at his marina, the MeriMar Yacht Basin.  But he also had an unofficial operational facility the Deep Princess, a yellow one-man submarine.
Merri-Lee Steeves, owner of Harbor Creamery in Newburyport and daughter of Wally Lesynski, longest serving member of Flotilla 38.
Check out a picture of Wally and Flotilla 38 in the early 1950s.
There's also an article of nautical history by Wally on another page of this website.
Nautical Notes
& ARCHIVE of Flotilla Missions

Note that a number of stories and photos appearing on this page over the past months have been moved to Archived Stories and Photos.
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Public Education – Joe Amore, FSO-PE       Two spring courses held in Newburyport.

- Flotilla 2018 ABS course in cooperation with Newburyport School Department Adult & Community Education
  Program will be held at the Nock Middle School, Low Street, Newburyport, began 24 April at 1845.

Flotilla 38 spring 2018 Introduction to Navigation course at the North End Boat Club starting 23 May.  Note that this PE course will also serve as the first three sessions of the AUXACN member training program.  The AUXACN will continue at the Plum Island Boathouse in the following weeks.

Any members who are interested in becoming an instructor, reactivating instructor status, or who are just willing to assist as an instructor aide are welcome to attend any of these classes.  More information on the PE page.

The Flotilla 38 Winter 2018 Public Education Course “About Boating Safely” held its final session on 20 March.
A total of 18 Students successfully completed both the USCGAUX and state examinations.

Saturday 12 May 2018 - $55 per ticket       Symphony Hall, Boston   "A Tribute to Leonard Bernstein"
For more information contact COMO Carolyn Belmore
If You Missed the Division 3 Operations Workshop

Division 5 Boston - Operations Workshop
Saturday 12 May 2018 starting at 0830 at USCG Base Boston

- TCT (Team Coordination Training
One of the mandatory qualifications for boat crew operations, 4-hour version

- PPE inspections
Bring your PPE and it will be inspected during the TCT class

- Operations Workshop
Will follow after TCT

To register or get more information, email JIM HEALY
Human Resources – Scott Crocker, FSO-HR
One new member has been cleared by the USCG Security Center pending completion of mandated training.
Two new members are now undergoing the clearance by the USCG Security Center.
Working to complete the application process with three prospective members. 
Member Training - Ron Doescher, FSO-MT
The Division 3 AUXOP training program, jointly sponsored by Flotilla 38 and Division 3, started in November and has been focusing on completing the three AUXOP required “core” courses. AUXSEA (Seamanship) and AUXCOM (Communications) have been completed.

The 9-week AUXWEA (Weather) course started on 27 March. Members from other divisions have also been attending.  The next course scheduled is AUXACN (Advanced Coastal Navigation).

The District member training officer requested a write-up on these programs for the next issue of the district newsletter “Nor’easter” issue. Jonathan Barkley, who is one of our students and a new member of Flotilla 38 volunteered to do this. He submitted an article and heard that it was accepted for publication.
Division 3 will be hosting a session presenting
eight (8) of the Mandated Core Training topics

Saturday, 9 June 2018 commencing at 0900, Plum Island Boathouse, Newburyport, MA.
Historically, we have been able to complete these requirements in about four (4) hours.

All Auxiliarists are required to attend each of the following workshops during their first year of enrollment and then once every five years thereafter: 
 (1) Suicide Prevention
 (2) Security Education & Training Awareness
 (3) Privacy Awareness
 (4) Prevention of Sexual Harassment
 (5) Sexual Assault Prevention
 (6) Civil Rights Awareness 
       (Some members are coming up on their fifth year.)

All Auxiliarists are required to attend each of the following workshops ONCE (new members during their first year of enrollment):
  (1) Ethics Training
  (2) Influenza Training

If you plan to attend, please contact COMO Gene Bernstein, the Division 3 Member Training Officer 

AUXACN (formerly AUXNAV)

Division 3 will be presenting in conjunction with Flotilla 38’s public education program, the AUXACN course in two segments.

Segment One:

Class sessions 1, 2, and 3 will incorporate the elements of the Public Education course Introduction to
  Navigation (BS&S chapter 9) and will be open to the general public
- Location for these sessions is the North End Boat Club, 1 Manson Ave, Newburyport
- Commencing at 1900 on Wednesdays, starting 23 May 2018 for three weeks

Segment Two:

Classes 4 through 12 for Auxiliarists only will be held at the Flotilla 38 Plum Island Boathouse
- These classes will run from 13 June through 15 August
- Class 11 is the multiple choice exam; Class 12 is the charting exercise

What if your vessel suffers an electronic failure? Can you get your vessel from where you are to where you want to go, safely and efficiently without the use of electronic instruments?

The AUXACN course covers coastal navigation and embraces two basic concepts - location and direction - and three basic disciplines - dead reckoning, piloting and electronic navigation. We will review the subjects of marine magnetic compasses, nautical charts, navigator’s tool and instruments before proceeding with the basic disciplines. Piloting includes current sailing, tides and tidal currents, reference publications and voyage planning. This is a “hands on” course that includes a cruise exercise. The examination is in two parts – multiple choice and charting exercise.

CLICK HERE for the detailed syllabus and information on obtaining course materials

If you plan to attend, email COMO Gene Bernstein, Division 3 Member Training Officer

First District-Northern Region - AWARDS CEREMONY - 22 April 2018
Brian Welsh, Commander Flotilla 38 was awarded 3rd place in the district for most hours as Air Observer in 2017.
Joe Amore, Flotilla 38 & Division 3 Staff Officer – Public Education was awarded 3rd place in the district for most hours of public education in 2017.
Photos by Scott Crocker
Local Research on Coast Guard History
The National Coast Guard Museum

A story about a fundraising event for the proposed National Coast Guard Museum was recently published in the Newburyport Daily News. The author was Dyke Hendrickson, who is now the Outreach Historian of the Custom House Maritime Museum. Flotilla 38 members will remember that Mr. Hendrickson is an author, historian and former newspaper reporter who was a guest speaker at a flotilla meeting in October 2017.

All the details are in a story posted in the Flotilla 38 website archive.