and ARCHIVE of
Flotilla Activities and Missions
Support Missions
The Plum Island Light
Installed  Mar 2001
Flotilla 38 Historical Notes
Installed  Mar 2001
Corsair Fleet Of WWII
Installed  Mar 2001

Notes From the Gold Side​
by Rear Admiral Wood
Installed  Aug 2001
Mission Support
Installed Sep 2016
Our Irish Colleagues Here and Abroad
Installed Aug 2016
Flotilla 38 Members visit our
British Colleagues in London
Installed Jan 2005
Patrol Operations
Installed Aug 2014
Sail Boston 2009
Flotilla 38 members involved in the week long support mission
Installed Sept 2009
Local and Historical Notes
Other Activities and Events
Local Nautical Nicknames
by Wally Lesynski
Installed Oct 2001
Installed Jun2013
The Eagle Visits &
a Cutter Commissioning
Installed Sept 2015